Sunday, May 2, 2010

Children's Book

Finished my very first book last semester. I both wrote and Illustrated it. I never would have thought so much goes into such a simple book. I have most definitely found a new appreciation for children's books. Telling a good story in 12 spreads is way more of a challenge then you may think. It was a great experience to work on a finished product from beginning to end. Starting from writing and sketching to the layout, text, and finally getting it actually printed. I plan on having them up for sale to the public very soon. So I'll update for anyone interested. Here are a few images from the book.


This was my first ever Print that I ever made. It was a two block linoleum print. The design was made in mind for someone special so get off my back about the mushy subject matter. I made a small edition of just 4. One was the gift, the second was for My professor's student work collection, one for me to keep, and one print was entered into "Nice to meet you" a printmaking show at Desoto Row Gallery in Savannah Ga. It was listed as not for sale just because I only wanted it to be special for the certain someone, but someone inquired about purchasing it anyway. I was really surprised and told the special someone and they were like pshhh go for it haha so I did. And that is my story about my very first sold piece of art.

Portrait and Oil painting

More work from technique classes

These are more Illustrations in later material and technique classes. They were open ended as far as subject matter they focused on technique. I learned that I enjoy portraits haha.

Experimenting with techniques

These are studies and experiments from some of my material and technique classes. Some of my first uses of acrylics ever.


Cleaned out under my bed and scanned all the work from the past year. Here are two images I produced last year in an Editorial Illustration class.
This image was an exercise in juxtaposition. We were given lists of settings, objects, people, and places and forced to compose an interesting illustration using 5 of the things on the list provided.

This was in a series of images in which we had to create an Illustration to represent a country using its flag colors and objects. No people were allowed to be used. This was one I created for Belgium.

Year of mustard, I mean ketchup, I mean catch up