Monday, November 9, 2009

This is some concept art I'm working once again or my electronic illustration class. It's just suppose to be an under water city. This is a learning situation again, where I'm just trying to apply all the concepts I've learned recently. I'm starting to grasp it, but still pretty amateur.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More electronic illustration work

So here is my second electronic illustration assignment. It is suppose to be cover art for a Darwin award's book. This was an actual Darwin Award in which the winner was towed behind a car in a shopping cart, hit a speed bump, and flew out and getting some fatal cranium damage. Prettty dumb, but first real experience with photoshop painting. I drew it on paper and scanned it in and digitally painted over it and explored with some textures and brushes to make it look like it was hand painted. It kinda does.
These two were my third assignment. I had to create two tarot cards with matching styles and a common theme. The theme could be anything, some of the examples were the old west, ocean themed, space themed, etc. I chose a banana theme because why not? This is a revised version of the typography and slight boarder change. Im told I need to work on my type and those sorts of graphic design things. But I think I'm getting better at all this photoshop wizardry. I like it. Im saving up for a syntec or how ever you spell it.