Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Electronic Illustration

In class right now. Just turned this photoshop collage in. Figured do this now or I never will.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally, a true update

Guess who is back in school and reunited with some scanners?
These are two acrylic studies I did in my Materials and Techniques class. Some of my first experiences with acrylics, my new life partner. They were just the experimenting for the following project.
This is Abe and this is his kazoo. Yup. Abe Lincoln did in fact have very large ears.
I've lately become pretty interested with historical characters and just adding a little extra to them. Theres probably going to be a lot more stuff like this coming.

Ahhhh, yes I finally scanned and stitched my circus final. There you go.

There is quite a bit more that still needs to be posted, but i figured id drag it out more. But I will leave you with this. My favorite illustration to date. The inspiration came from a smaller more brief illustration I did back in high school for a cereal box called "Medi-o-cre O's", for anyone reading this from high school. Yup i've blossomed and grown up into a much more mature individual. More to comeeeee.