Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer update?

So this summmmer.... I've been pretty lax with art and without a scanner for the last 3 months so those claims of me posting all that work for spring semester still remain unfulfilled promises haha. I've been busy taking some gen. ed. classes at community college and
volunteering at the Wallkill River Art School. Helping out at art camps offered to kids. Me and my buddy Jak, who just transfered to scad, had some fun shooting and editing a short movie me made with the kids for a week long film camp they offered.

Yesterday me and my dad entered into the 15th annual Artist Soapbox Derby in Kingston, New york. I cant even tell you how many hours went into making this thing. It may not look all that crazy to you, but hey I dare you to make a 6 ft tall rat. Some background on Rat Fink. Rat Rat Fink is Ed Roth's character he created as an anti mickey mouse. Ed Roth was a popular hot rod designer in the 1960's. Rat Fink was kind of a big deal when he was a kid I guess according to my dad. Anyway here it is, it won something. The awards seemed a little unorganized and rushed bc it started to rain so it was unclear what we had won haha, but we did get some free tickets to an air show for whatever we did. Here are some pictures my brother took.

And one last thing that I actually have a digital version of just to throw up for the sake of updating is this skateboard graphic I did for a contest at my friend's skateshop which he recently opened up Middletown, New York.
Little Jimmy's hit it up!
7 North st. Middletown NY, 10947