Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finals! Ahhhhh. Iv'e been super busy, but I have things to share. How delightful.

In my materials and techniques class we pretty much had 2 projects one due at midterm after covering dry materials and techniques and the second due at finals after covering wet media. It was a suppose to be a dynamic duo. And I choose Klaus and Steve from the life aquatic.

Klaus and the Belafonte being taken hostage by pirates.

Steve Zissou, a man of the sea.
This is just a pen drawing I did in class of a model that I really enjoyed. The one on the left was done half left handed.... than finished with my right. Deff better than all my right handed stuff.... Don't search for an answer.

Ill be up all night finishing that final circus drawing, I'll probably post that soon. And more animations coming. Maybe over spring break.