Thursday, February 26, 2009

Circus Character Designs

I had to do a few character designs for a circus.  I decided to make it the worst circus ever. It's eventually going to be part of a larger composition, which i'll post in like 2 weeks. But here is the Ringmaster.
The sleepy juggler.
The lively clown.
The mystifying fire breather.
The not so bearded lady.
The courageous "lion" tamer. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is an Illustration of an Edward Lear limrick....
There was an Old Man of Peru

There was an Old Man of Peru,

Who never knew what he should do;

So he tore off his hair, and behaved like a bear,

That intrinsic Old Man of Peru.

I had this paper i had painted on laying around so I drew this on it.
The man with no name.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This was a Final for a Drawing Class I had.  It was suppose to be a biography, with a minimum of 6 different layers and 6 different materials.  So this is a Biography of a single, middle aged,  Kitty loving man. Everything revolves around the t.v. just like his life.  His apartment is a swirling mess of empty beer cans, worn out couches, open cans of tuna to feed the kitties, regurgitated carpet fibers, with a fine coating of cat hair over everything.  
The New Yorker cover I did for my intro class.

It's Octopus Week and the Seattle Aquarium!

So this is part of a poster I did for my Intro class, but I like it better without the  text and cropped a bit, and without eyes. I have bigger plans for this I think.

Why Hello There

It appears you have just made the greatest decision you have ever made in your life. Welcome to the wonderful world that is my blog. Don't touch the paintings or sit on the couches. Help your self to the water in the fridge but don't touch my apple juice. I suppose I'll post some stuff once I poke around some more. Ight let me get on that.