Monday, November 9, 2009

This is some concept art I'm working once again or my electronic illustration class. It's just suppose to be an under water city. This is a learning situation again, where I'm just trying to apply all the concepts I've learned recently. I'm starting to grasp it, but still pretty amateur.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More electronic illustration work

So here is my second electronic illustration assignment. It is suppose to be cover art for a Darwin award's book. This was an actual Darwin Award in which the winner was towed behind a car in a shopping cart, hit a speed bump, and flew out and getting some fatal cranium damage. Prettty dumb, but first real experience with photoshop painting. I drew it on paper and scanned it in and digitally painted over it and explored with some textures and brushes to make it look like it was hand painted. It kinda does.
These two were my third assignment. I had to create two tarot cards with matching styles and a common theme. The theme could be anything, some of the examples were the old west, ocean themed, space themed, etc. I chose a banana theme because why not? This is a revised version of the typography and slight boarder change. Im told I need to work on my type and those sorts of graphic design things. But I think I'm getting better at all this photoshop wizardry. I like it. Im saving up for a syntec or how ever you spell it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Electronic Illustration

In class right now. Just turned this photoshop collage in. Figured do this now or I never will.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally, a true update

Guess who is back in school and reunited with some scanners?
These are two acrylic studies I did in my Materials and Techniques class. Some of my first experiences with acrylics, my new life partner. They were just the experimenting for the following project.
This is Abe and this is his kazoo. Yup. Abe Lincoln did in fact have very large ears.
I've lately become pretty interested with historical characters and just adding a little extra to them. Theres probably going to be a lot more stuff like this coming.

Ahhhh, yes I finally scanned and stitched my circus final. There you go.

There is quite a bit more that still needs to be posted, but i figured id drag it out more. But I will leave you with this. My favorite illustration to date. The inspiration came from a smaller more brief illustration I did back in high school for a cereal box called "Medi-o-cre O's", for anyone reading this from high school. Yup i've blossomed and grown up into a much more mature individual. More to comeeeee.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer update?

So this summmmer.... I've been pretty lax with art and without a scanner for the last 3 months so those claims of me posting all that work for spring semester still remain unfulfilled promises haha. I've been busy taking some gen. ed. classes at community college and
volunteering at the Wallkill River Art School. Helping out at art camps offered to kids. Me and my buddy Jak, who just transfered to scad, had some fun shooting and editing a short movie me made with the kids for a week long film camp they offered.

Yesterday me and my dad entered into the 15th annual Artist Soapbox Derby in Kingston, New york. I cant even tell you how many hours went into making this thing. It may not look all that crazy to you, but hey I dare you to make a 6 ft tall rat. Some background on Rat Fink. Rat Rat Fink is Ed Roth's character he created as an anti mickey mouse. Ed Roth was a popular hot rod designer in the 1960's. Rat Fink was kind of a big deal when he was a kid I guess according to my dad. Anyway here it is, it won something. The awards seemed a little unorganized and rushed bc it started to rain so it was unclear what we had won haha, but we did get some free tickets to an air show for whatever we did. Here are some pictures my brother took.

And one last thing that I actually have a digital version of just to throw up for the sake of updating is this skateboard graphic I did for a contest at my friend's skateshop which he recently opened up Middletown, New York.
Little Jimmy's hit it up!
7 North st. Middletown NY, 10947

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Super Lazy

Yeah i've been in blog slack mode for this entire semester. whatever. Ill scan some stuff soon. So as a a gift in place of work you get this. congratulations.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finals! Ahhhhh. Iv'e been super busy, but I have things to share. How delightful.

In my materials and techniques class we pretty much had 2 projects one due at midterm after covering dry materials and techniques and the second due at finals after covering wet media. It was a suppose to be a dynamic duo. And I choose Klaus and Steve from the life aquatic.

Klaus and the Belafonte being taken hostage by pirates.

Steve Zissou, a man of the sea.
This is just a pen drawing I did in class of a model that I really enjoyed. The one on the left was done half left handed.... than finished with my right. Deff better than all my right handed stuff.... Don't search for an answer.

Ill be up all night finishing that final circus drawing, I'll probably post that soon. And more animations coming. Maybe over spring break. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Circus Character Designs

I had to do a few character designs for a circus.  I decided to make it the worst circus ever. It's eventually going to be part of a larger composition, which i'll post in like 2 weeks. But here is the Ringmaster.
The sleepy juggler.
The lively clown.
The mystifying fire breather.
The not so bearded lady.
The courageous "lion" tamer. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is an Illustration of an Edward Lear limrick....
There was an Old Man of Peru

There was an Old Man of Peru,

Who never knew what he should do;

So he tore off his hair, and behaved like a bear,

That intrinsic Old Man of Peru.

I had this paper i had painted on laying around so I drew this on it.
The man with no name.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This was a Final for a Drawing Class I had.  It was suppose to be a biography, with a minimum of 6 different layers and 6 different materials.  So this is a Biography of a single, middle aged,  Kitty loving man. Everything revolves around the t.v. just like his life.  His apartment is a swirling mess of empty beer cans, worn out couches, open cans of tuna to feed the kitties, regurgitated carpet fibers, with a fine coating of cat hair over everything.  
The New Yorker cover I did for my intro class.

It's Octopus Week and the Seattle Aquarium!

So this is part of a poster I did for my Intro class, but I like it better without the  text and cropped a bit, and without eyes. I have bigger plans for this I think.

Why Hello There

It appears you have just made the greatest decision you have ever made in your life. Welcome to the wonderful world that is my blog. Don't touch the paintings or sit on the couches. Help your self to the water in the fridge but don't touch my apple juice. I suppose I'll post some stuff once I poke around some more. Ight let me get on that.